LEAN IMPACT: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good

LEAN IMPACT: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good

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Autor: Chang, Ann Mei

Marca: Wiley

Edición: Illustrated

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Formato: Illustrated

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Fecha de lanzamiento: 30-10-2018

Detalles: Descripción del producto Despite enormous investments of time and money, are we making a dent on the social and environmental challenges of our time? What if we could exponentially increase our impact? Around the world, a new generation is looking beyond greater profits, for meaningful purpose. But, unlike business, few social interventions have achieved significant impact at scale. Inspired by the modern innovation practices, popularized by bestseller The Lean Startup, that have fueled technology breakthroughs touching every aspect of our lives, Lean Impact turns our attention to a new goal - radically greater social good. Social change is far more complicated than building a new app. It requires more listening, more care, and more stakeholders. To make a lasting difference, solutions must be embraced by beneficiaries, address root causes, and include an engine that can accelerate growth to reach the scale of the need. Lean Impact offers bold ideas to reach audacious goals through customer insight, rapid experimentation and iteration, and a relentless pursuit of impact. Ann Mei Chang brings a unique perspective from across sectors, from her years as a tech executive in Silicon Valley to her most recent experience as the Chief Innovation Officer at USAID. She vividly illustrates the book with real stories from interviews with over 200 organizations across the US and around the world. Whether you are a nonprofit, social enterprise, triple bottom line company, foundation, government agency, philanthropist, impact investor, or simply donate your time and money, Lean Impact is an essential guide to maximizing social impact and scale. Nota de la solapa Lean Impact is a hands-on guide designed to exponentially increase the impact of our time and money. Building on the modern innovation practices that have fueled the technological breakthroughs that have touched every aspect of our lives, Lean Impact puts the focus on a new purpose--radically great social good. Of course, making the world a better place is far more complicated than building an app. It involves more listening, more care, and more stakeholders to ensure solutions are fully embraced, address root causes, and include an engine that will drive growth. Lean Impact offers practical tools and strategies that are inspired by the customer-centered, fast iteration, and data-driven approaches popularized by The New York Times bestseller, The Lean Startup. Lean Impact is designed to maximize social benefit in the face of the complex challenges in today's world. At the heart of the model is the scientific method that relies on hypothesis-driven experiments to reduce risk and increase the pace of learning. It accepts the reality that no solution is likely to be designed perfectly at the outset, thus the ability to rapidly adapt is essential. Lean Impact draws on best practices from The Lean Startup and beyond and introduces new techniques that are tailored to the unique nature and needs of mission-driven organizations. This combination of scientific rigor and entrepreneurial agility can dramatically increase both the depth and breadth of an organization's impact. Ann Mei Chang brings a rare perspective from across sectors, with her executive roles at top Silicon Valley companies, nonprofits, and government. She vividly illustrates the book with the inspiring, real-life stories and lessons from nonprofits, social enterprises, companies, foundations, government agencies, philanthropists, and impact investors across the United States and around the world. Lean Impact is the essential guidebook for social change that will help you think big, start small, and relentlessly seek impact. Contraportada PRAISE FOR LEAN IMPACT "Ann Mei shines a light on our need for better solutions that can reach far greater scale. Her compelling book, Lean Impact, shows how this can be achieved by bringing together the best practices, resources, and expertise across business, nonprofits, and g

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